Stefan Blank is an experienced travel writer with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry. Skilled in research, photography, copywriting, advertising, and copy editing. Strong media and communication professional with the degree „Geprüfter PR-Berater (DAPR)“ focused in Public Relations from „Deutsche Akademie für Public Relations (DAPR)“. After years in advertising and public relations he decided to travel even more and make a living out of his passion. Until August 2019  he published 18 books of some of his favorite countries so far: Bahamas, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, England, Seychelles, California and South Germany. His first publication „only“ as a photographer will be „Zeit für das Beste – Mauritius“ by Bruckmann which will be in the bookshops in October 2019.


His travelguides are published by renowned german publishing houses such as

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The essential Tao of Travel

  1. Leave home
  2. Go alone
  3. Travel light
  4. Bring a map
  5. Go by land
  6. Walk across a frontier
  7. Keep a journal
  8. Read a novel that has no relation to the place you’re in
  9. If you must bring a cell phone, avoid using it
  10. Make a friend

aus: Theroux, Paul. The Tao of Travel. London 2011